Technical Services

Marine Inspections & Surveys

With more than a decade involved in various marine surveys, we can offer a wide range of detailed surveys / reports surpassing industry’s standards. Our experience in senior level technical management, allows us to concentrate […]

Welding Inspections & Services

Our company has the capacity and know-how to undertake any consulting work with certified welding engineers and metallurgists. We can develop repair specifications, supervise complex joints and investigate welding failures Our services include: Welding Inspections […]

Painting Inspections & Services

Corrosion protection system selection requires solid technical expertise combined with updated market economic considerations. We can provide specifications and maintenance programs with efficient combinations of products from market’s leading suppliers. Furthermore, by studying vessel’s trading […]

Technical Consultancy

Our company’s vast experience ensures our clients that best practices are always used and technoeconomic analysis based on actual operational experience is our guide. Our solutions are streamlined and efficient without unnecessary complexity justifying our […]

Dry-dock Services

We offer a wide range of services covering our clients’ dry-docking needs ranging from specification of works, up to complete management of dry-docking within predefined budget. In between, we are available to participate in any […]

Automation Services

Our deep understanding of each machinery operation parameters and how the interconnection between one another affects the optimum performance of the vessel, allows us to identify and monitor key elements and  recommend tailormade automation systems […]

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